Bulls, The Fight, And Exotic Dance

bull fightAnyone who has seen a bull fight on television, in photographs, or in person can say that they have attended a form of exotic dance. This is a little strange to consider because this sport is so intimately tied with formal aspects of Latin culture. It is however, a very refined form of male exotic dancing.

Matadors train their entire lives to properly wear a traditional outfit that makes them appear to be fit, physically capable, and debonaire. They demonstrate unusual physical skills and confidence as a central attraction in an arena filled with cheering spectators. They use elegant props like capes and swords to dazzle the eyes. They literally battle an animal that has always been associated with fertility and conquest. They even choreograph fighting a bull to popular music. At the end of each fight, a successful and popular matador can be paid very handsomely for his exhibition.

This is not far removed from the descriptions people typically attribute to private female & male exotic dancer cincinnati entertainment. In fact, matadors in traditional Latin cultures often receive sex symbol status similar to popular club dancers in other circles. Matadors who achieve extreme status will often fight bulls shirtless to add an element of eroticism and danger. Though the bull does not care, the audience is always thrilled with this type of masculine display.